Big Kahuna Reef 2

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Big Kahuna Reef 2
BigKahunaReef2 Box.jpg
Developer(s) Reflexive Entertainment
Publisher(s) Reflexive Entertainment
Distributor(s) Various
Series Big Kahuna Reef
Platform(s) PC, Mac, Linux via Crossover
Release date(s) PC (June 2006)
Macintosh (May 2008)
Genre(s) Puzzle
Mode(s) Single player, Multi-player
Distribution Download, CD

Big Kahuna Reef 2 is a puzzle game that was created by Reflexive Entertainment. It is the sequel to Big Kahuna Reef. This casual game is a three in a row matchmaking game. The player must make strings of objects in order to break the boxes beneath; when all of the boxes are broken the level is complete. Like the title before it, Big Kahuna Reef 2 has thousands of user-made levels that can be downloaded in game, in addition to the standard levels made by the developer. Big Kahuna Reef 2 also introduced power-ups (bombs), hence the extended title Chain Reaction.

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