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Binding may refer to:

Joining physical objects together[edit]

  • Binding agent
    • The effect of a binding agent (such as egg, gluten), in baking - see cake
  • Binding (knitting)
  • Binding (knot), a type of knot
  • Binding (sewing), a finish to a seam or hem
  • Bookbinding, the protective cover of a book and the art of constructing this
  • Breast binding, also known as chest binding, a bra-like structure to de-emphasize breast size
  • Foot binding, a custom practiced on young girls and women in China, beginning in the 10th century and ending in the first half of 20th century
  • Ski binding, an attachment which anchors a ski boot to the ski
  • Snowboard binding, a device for connecting a foot to a snowboard

Physical sciences[edit]


  • Binding (or associating) an Internet socket to a local port number and IP address
  • Binding (or connecting), to a server in client–server computing
  • Data binding, the technique of connecting two data elements together
    • XML data binding, representing XML document data using objects and classes
    • UI data binding, linking a user interface element to an element of a domain model, such as a database field
  • Key binding, or keyboard shortcut, mapping specific key combinations to specific software functionality
  • Language binding, a library which provides a functional interface to another library written in a different programming language
  • Name binding, in a programming language, the association of data (or code) with an identifier
    • Late binding, name binding which is resolved at run-time rather than in advance (pre-execution time)


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