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Black Mark Productions
Founded 1991
Distributor(s) Relapse Records (US)
Genre heavy metal, extreme metal
Country of origin Sweden
Location Bruzaholm, Sweden
Official website

Black Mark Productions (founded 1991) is an independent record label based in Sweden and an office in Germany that specializes in extreme metal releases, perhaps best known for its close connection to Quorthon, leader of the defining black metal band Bathory until his death in 2004. As Quorthon himself has stated several times, it was often speculated that he had something to do with the business and operation of Black Mark Productions, except for the concept and name of the label, which would be referenced in the title of the 1987 release Under the Sign of the Black Mark.[1] Quorthon received permission from the Tyfon Grammofon label - which was owned by Börje "Boss" Forsberg and of course featured Bathory - to use his own proxy-label on all Bathory albums, along with a unique 666-X serial number, starting with the self-titled debut album from 1984, but the label wasn't founded as a separate entity before 1991.[1] Who did found it remains disputed, but many point to Boss Forsberg.

A North American office was also in operation out of Toronto for several years beginning in 1995, which Quorthon and Boss jointly visited. The label is currently owned by Boss Forsberg, who has also received numerous production credits from bands on the label. Other employees are Klaudia Scharein ( girlfriend to Boerje (Boss )Forsberg since 1995, married to him since October 22, 2013)who worked as label manager for Black Mark 1997 -2009, Quorthon's brother and sister, who act shortly as managers of promotion and production.

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