Bless This House (song)

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"Bless This House"
originally titled "Bless the House"
Song by John McCormack
Published 1927
Composer May Brahe
Lyricist Helen Taylor
Language English
Recorded by Many artists

"Bless This House" is a song published in 1927. The words were written by Englishwoman Helen Taylor, under the original title "Bless the House." The music was composed by Australian May Brahe, a friend of Taylor's.

One of the first artists to record the song was tenor John McCormack. In the United States, this song is strongly associated with Thanksgiving and is often sung around this time. It is frequently found in spiritual/inspirational collections, such as the Doris Day album You'll Never Walk Alone and the Perry Como album I Believe, as well as in many Hymnals. It a was a favourite of Vera Lynn, British WW2 "Forces Sweetheart" and appears on her album We'll Meet Again - The Best of Vera Lynn. Australian duo Generation Gap also recorded a version of the song which appears on their 2009 album A New Beginning. Other singers to record it include Peter Dawson, Jan Peerce, Beniamino Gigli,[1] Josef Locke,[2] Benjamin Luxon, Leontyne Price, Lesley Garrett, Perry Como and Bryn Terfel. The definitive recording is that by Father Sydney MacEwan.

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