Blind Husbands

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Blind Husbands
Movie poster
Directed by Erich von Stroheim
Produced by Erich von Stroheim
Written by Erich von Stroheim
Starring Sam De Grasse
Francelia Billington
Erich von Stroheim
Gibson Gowland
Cinematography Ben F. Reynolds
Edited by Eleanor Fried
Frank Lawrence
Viola Mallory
Erich von Stroheim
Grant Whytock
Distributed by Universal Film Manufacturing Company
Release dates
  • January 1919 (1919-1021)
Running time 91 minutes
Country United States
Language Silent film
English intertitles
Budget $42,000
Blind Husbands

Blind Husbands is a 1919 drama film directed by Erich von Stroheim.[1] The film is an adaptation of the story The Pinnacle by Stroheim.[2]


A group of holiday-makers arrive at Cortina d'Ampezzo, an Alpine village in the Dolomites. Among them is an American Doctor who does not pay much attention to his wife and an Austrian Lieutenant, who decides to seduce her. He manages to become friend with the couple so that, when the Doctor has to leave to help a local physician, he asks the Lieutenant to look after his wife. When the Lieutenant becomes too pressing, she promises to leave with him but asks him to give her more time. During the night, she puts a letter under the door of his bedroom. The Doctor goes on climbing expedition with the Lieutenant who had been bragging about his exploits as a mountaineer. In fact, he is not in a very good shape and the Doctor must help him to reach the summit. In the process, he finds his wife's letter in the pocket of the Lieutenant's jacket but before he can read it, the Lieutenant throws it away. He asks the Lieutenant whether his wife had promised to leave with him and the Lieutenant gives a positive answer. The Doctor decides to leave him on the summit and starts his descent, despite the Lieutenant now saying that he has been lying because he thought the Doctor would not believe the truth. On his way back, the Doctor finds his wife's letter where she had written that she only loved her husband and asked the Lieutenant not to bother her any longer with his attentions. While pondering whether he should go back to get the Lieutenant, he loses his balance and falls down. When is finally saved by soldiers, he asks them to go and help the Lieutenant. Before they can reach him, the Lieutenant, attacked by vultures, falls into the precipice.[3]


  • Sam De Grasse as Doctor Robert Armstrong, the husband
  • Francelia Billington as Margaret Armstrong, the wife
  • Erich von Stroheim as Lieutenant Eric Von Steuben
  • Gibson Gowland as Silent Sepp, the mountain guide
  • Fay Holderness as The jealous waitress
  • Ruby Kendrick as A village blossom
  • Valerie Germonprez as The honeymooning bride
  • Jack Perrin as The honeymooning groom
  • Richard Cummings as Dr. Brunner, the village physician
  • Louis Fitzroy as The village priest
  • William Duvalle as A man from home
  • Jack Mathes as A man from home
  • Percy Challenger as A man from home


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