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For the clergyman, see Robert Langley.

Bob Langley (born 28 August 1939, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland) is a British television presenter, now retired, best known for being a presenter of the BBC1 afternoon chat show Pebble Mill At One. Langley also presented its late night version Saturday Night at The Mill.[1][2] Langley is also a novelist.

Prior to his broadcasting career, Bob had a job in a Newcastle insurance office, then joined the RAF; then travelled through America.[3] He began his broadcast career in the early days of Tyne Tees television on the nightly news programme. "The early days could be a bit catastrophic, a real string and sealing wax job," he said. "There weren't too many of us who really knew what we were doing. We didn't even have an autocue, and when we had it was like a giant toilet roll, but we had an awful lot of fun."[4]

From 1970 he was a reporter on Nationwide. It was as a result of his and fellow presenter Donny MacLeod's success on the show that they were reassigned to launch Pebble Mill in 1972.[5]

Langley also wrote several novels, including The War of the Running Fox (1978).[1]


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