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Mukim location
Mukim location
Temburong District in Brunei
Temburong District in Brunei
Country  Brunei
District Temburong District
Time zone Brunei Standard Time (UTC+8)

Bokok is a mukim in the Temburong District of Brunei. It is located in the west of the Temburong District to the south, bordering Mukim Bangar to the north-east, Mukim Amo to the east, Sarawak (Malaysia) to the south and Limbang, Sarawak (Malaysia) to the west.

Areas and divisions[edit]

Mukim Bokok includes these following areas:

  • Kampong Buda-Buda
  • Kampong Belais
  • Kampong Belais Kecil
  • Kampong Paya Bagangan
  • Kampong Bokok
  • Kampong Meniup
  • Kampong Bakarut
  • Kampong Simbatang
  • Kampong Rataie
  • Kampong Perpindahan Rataie
  • Kampong Rakyat Jati
  • Kampong Kenua
  • Kampong Lepong Baru
  • Kampong Lepong Lama
  • Kampong Semabat Bahagia
  • Kampong Semabat
  • Kampong Temada

Coordinates: 4°38′43″N 115°03′16″E / 4.64528°N 115.05444°E / 4.64528; 115.05444