Bombaiyer Bombete

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Bombaiyer Bombete
Bombaier bombete.jpg
Dvd cover of Bombaiyer Bombete
Directed by Sandip Ray
Produced by D. Rama Naidu
Written by Satyajit Ray
Starring Sabyasachi Chakrabarty
Parambrata Chatterjee
Bibhu Bhattacharya
Music by Sandip Ray
Release dates
Running time
100 minutes
Country India
Language Bengali
Budget Rs 80 lakhs
Box office Rs 2.0 crores
Bombaiyer Bombetey
Author Satyajit Ray
Cover artist Satyajit Ray
Country India
Language Bengali
Genre Detective fiction
Publisher Ananda Publishers
Publication date
Media type Print
Preceded by Ghurghutiya-r Ghatana
Followed by Gosaipur Sargaram

Bombaiyer Bombete (Bengali: বোম্বাইয়ের বোম্বে) (2003) is a thriller film directed by Sandip Ray based on the story of the same name by Satyajit Ray. It is the First film of the fictional detective character Feluda after 25 years, created by his (Sandip Ray) father Satyajit Ray. It is the first film of the New Feluda Franchise though Sabyasachi played Feluda several times in TV series and telefilms directed by Sandip Ray. One of the telefilms, Baksho Rahashya (1996) in which Sabyasachi Chakrabarty also starred as Feluda was released in theaters later. Previously Feluda was played by Soumitra Chatterjee in two films Sonar Kella (1974) and Joi Baba Felunath (1978) directed by Satyajit Ray. This was the first of new Feluda film series. After the huge success of Bombaiyer Bombete four sequels have been made till 2012, they are Kailashey Kelenkari, Tintorettor Jishu, Gorosthaney Sabdhan and Royal Bengal Rohosso.


Lalmohan Ganguly, alias Jatayu − a sidekick of Feluda − gets invited to Mumbai (previously Bombay) to watch the shooting of a film based on a novel written by him.His old friend of Garpar road, Pulak Ghoshal (Paran Bandyopadhyay) is the director. Feluda and Topshe accompany him. One day prior to the journey, a mysterious film producer named Sanyal visits jatayu and tells him that he intends to make a film on the same novel (Bombaiyer Bombete) on which Pulok Ghoshal is making a film. Jatayu tells him that the novel is sold, and thus Sanyal leaves. However, Sanyal requests him to handle a packet to one of his allies at Mumbai Airport, to which Jatayu agrees. Once in Mumbai,a man comes to pick up the parcel (Rajatava Dutta), and by mistake, Jatayu gives him another parcel (of same make) to him, which contained a copy of his novel Bombaiyer Bombete, meant for his friend Pulok. The man goes to a Multistory building,and gets attacked in the elevator by another man. He kills the assassin, and drops a piece of paper near the body. Feluda and team check in a hotel, where they are told by Pulok about the murder, and the trio meet inspector patwardhan (Anjan Srivastav).Inspector Patwardhan tells them that a necklace of Nana Sahib has been stole from Nepal and that it may be smuggled in India by unknown smugglers. Next day at beach,Feluda finds out through a newspaper clipping that the piece of paper contained Jatayu's description. The trio next meet the producer of the film Mr Gorey (Ashish Vidyarthi).Mr Gorey further introduces them to Victor Perumal (Rajesh Sharma), a martial artist from Japan who is the stunt coordinator for the film. Things go mysterious when the trio get attacked multiple times by unknown men, thus forcing Feluda to open the brown packet Of Mr Sanyal after realizing Jatayu's Parcel swap. He finds The Life Divine of Aurobindo Ghosh inside, which makes him more puzzled. Further, it is revealed that in the novel, Jatayu has created a fictional building called the Shivaji Castle which is the residence of the villain of his novel,but finds out that the building is there for real, and is the residence of Mr Gorey !!! At the day of shoot, the trio board a train where an action sequence is being shot, and Mr Sanyal shows up. Along with the mysterious man (named Nimmo),brandishing a gun. Sanyal asks Feluda to hand him the book, which he gladly does, but finds something missing there. It is now revealed that Nana Sahib's necklace was inside the book, and Sanyal is the kingpin of a smuggling Mafia operating in Mumbai. Quite unexpectedly, Victor Perumal jumps down in the compartment causing Nimmo to lose balance and let go of his revolver. Sanyal is overpowered,and feluda shoots Nimmo in the leg who tries to escape. It is now revealed that Sanyal is actually Gorey in makeup, and he is a real time smuggler who tried to Smuggle the necklace with Jatayu's help. His men attacked them in order to get the parcel,and that Victor was instructed by Feluda to jump in their compartment if sensed danger. Everything ends well with Gorey being arrested and Pulok cheering Jatayu that the shooting will be resumed soon with a new producer on board.



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