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For the Austro-Asiatic tribe dwelling in Orissa, India, see Bonda people. For their language, see Bonda language. For the village in Burkina Faso, see Bonda, Burkina Faso. For the Italian wine grape, see Bonda (grape).
The real South Indian Bonda.jpg
Place of origin South India
Region or state Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Gram flour batter, potato (or other vegetables)
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Bonda is a typical South Indian snack that has various sweet and spicy versions of it at different regions.


The process of making a spicy bonda involves potato filling dipped in gram flour batter.

Bonda has a sweet and a spicy variant. Keralites prefer the sweet one called Sugiyan, while the savoury version is common in the rest of India.

Some regional variants in Kerala replace the potato with tapioca (Tapioca Bonda) or sweet potato and some onion, hard boiled egg (Mutta Bonda), masala, minced meat and other ingredients.

Vegetable Bonda is a dish of Udupi cuisine, where fresh green peas and other finely chopped vegetables like French beans, carrot and coriander leaves are used as filling.

Coconut in Tulu Language is called as Bonda Or Thaarai.

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