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For another song with the identical English title written by Tom T. Hall and recorded by American singer Johnnie Wright, see Hello Vietnam.
"Bonjour Vietnam"
Single by Quynh Anh
from the album Bonjour Vietnam
Released 2006
Genre Country
Writer(s) Marc Lavoine, Yvan Coriat

"Bonjour Vietnam" is a song composed by Marc Lavoine, co-written by Lavoine and Yvan Coriat, and recorded by Vietnamese–Belgian singer Quynh Anh. Lavoine said he was impressed by Quynh Anh's charm and talent as well as touched by the feeling of a small girl who never seen the homeland, therefore he wrote the song for her.[1] The content of the song is about the longing of an overseas Vietnamese for homeland.


The song received favorable acclaim from Vietnamese communities, both at home and abroad as well as from francophone community. Thúy Nga Productions featured the song in several shows for overseas Vietnamese all over the world. By 2008, due to its popularity, the song was translated into English by Guy Balbaert as the name "Hello Vietnam" (distinguish it from the single "Hello Vietnam" written by Tom T. Hall and recorded by American country music singer Johnnie Wright in 1965). In May 2008, Quynh Anh made a special appearance singing the song "Hello Vietnam" in Thúy Nga's Paris By Night 92 show. Quynh Anh then released the single "Hello Vietnam". The song was also performed several times in music shows by Vietnam Television on the occasion of Quynh Anh's visit to Vietnam in late 2008. Quynh Anh also released her first album "Bonjour Vietnam".[2]


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