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Born Rich
BornRich PH611386 lg.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Jamie Johnson
Produced by Dirk Wittenborn
Starring Georgina Bloomberg
Stephanie Ercklentz
Christina Floyd
Juliet Hartford
Josiah Cheston Hornblower
Jamie Johnson
S.I. Newhouse IV
Ivanka Trump
Benjamin Luke Weil
Music by Joel Goodman
Cinematography Nick Kurzon
Edited by Nick Kurzon
Steven Pilgrim
Release dates
  • January 19, 2003 (2003-01-19) (Sundance Film Festival)
Running time
75 minutes
Country United States
Language English
This article is about a documentary. For the TVB drama, see Born Rich (TV series).

Born Rich is a 2003 documentary film about the experience of growing up as a child in one of the world's richest families. It was created by Jamie Johnson, an heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune.


Johnson's maternal uncle, screenwriter and novelist Dirk Wittenborn, was credited with encouraging him to make a documentary about the experience of wealthy children.[1] The film premiered at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival.[2] HBO acquired the film and first broadcast it in October 2003.[3]

Some of the participants in the film claim to have appeared under false pretenses, saying that Johnson told them it would only be a school film.[4] A New York court dismissed a lawsuit which was filed in October 2002 related to the deception.[5] Reports before and at the time of its release stated that many participants were unhappy about their depiction in the film.[6][7][8]

Ten years after the film's release, a reporter followed up with the persons featured.[9]


The film was described as "a documentary on children of the insanely rich, directed by one of their own, Johnson & Johnson Inc. heir Jamie Johnson." It consists primarily of Johnson interviewing his friends and peers about the experience of living life free of financial constraints. These interviews are offset by Johnson's exploration of his own experience and family.


Awards and nominations[edit]

The documentary was nominated for two Emmy Awards including 'Outstanding Directing for Nonfiction Programming' for the director, Jamie Johnson. The other nomination was in the category 'Outstanding Nonfiction Special' for the producers: Sheila Nevins (executive producer), Dirk Wittenborn (produced by), and Jamie Johnson (producer).


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