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Božić (Slovene: Božič) is a common Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian surname. It means Christmas in the respective languages.

Božić is a common surname in Croatia, with 8,115 carriers (2011 census).[1]

In Slovenia, there are more than 3,500 people with the surname Božič, and more than 500 with the surname Božić (most of them are of Croatian or Serbian origin, since the letter "ć" doesn't exist in the Slovenian alphabet). It is the 13th most common surname in Slovenia. However, there are important regional differences: while it is the 2nd most common surname in the Lower Sava Region, and the 4th most common surname in the Kras and Slovenian Istria, it is extremely rare in eastern Slovenia.[2] Around 54% of Slovenians with this surname live in Carniola, around 28% in the Slovenian Littoral, and around 13% in Slovenian Styria.





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