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Brac Systems, Inc's., greywater and rainwater assets were purchased by Greyter Water Systems in 2012. Brac was a company that specialized in the development of water saving products for both residential and commercial use. Greyter has advanced Brac's commercial buildings technology which has been sold to customers such as the US and Canadian military, Ontario Ministry of Education and many others who are saving water and money through the use of Greyter's smart water solutions. Greyter has also created its highly desired residential system called the Greyter HOME which it expects to launch in 2014. Brac Systems Inc. was founded Montreal, Quebec, in February 2005 and began with the development of the GRS greywater recycling systems. Now Brac Systems manufactures and markets greywater, rainwater and blackwater recycling systems. Brac's residential greywater recycling systems ( RGW Systems )capture greywater from the showers, bathtubs, lavatories and laundry washing machines in your home and to be redistributed to the toilets or used for irrigation. Based upon statistics from Environment Canada,[1] the company asserts that the use of their system will cut the average home's water consumption and sewage effluent by approximately one third.[2]

Owner Dennis Yasar[3] of Montreal founded the company in early 2005 and has sold 230 units in various jurisdictions.[4]

In 2007, Brac Systems was named the Best New Product in the Energy Efficiency category at Mécanex/Climatex 2007, an annual plumbing and mechanical trade show held in Montreal. Brac's recycling system was also named one of the "Top Ten Green Building Products of 2007" by Sustainable Industries Journal, a publication for the green building industry.[5]

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