Bridgeway Capital Management

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Bridgeway Capital Management
Industry Financial Services
Founded 1993
Founder John Montgomery
Headquarters Houston, TX
Products Investment Management
Number of employees
29 (2009)

Bridgeway Capital Management Inc. ("Bridgeway") is a U.S. quantitative investment management firm that employs several multi-factor proprietary statistical models to assemble its investment portfolios. As of 2009 it had $2.7 billion of assets under management. Bridgeway specializes in domestic equities, and is the adviser for Bridgeway Funds, the company’s family of eleven no-load mutual funds. Bridgeway also provides sub-advisory and separate account services.


In 1993, John Montgomery founded Bridgeway in Houston, Texas. Trained as an engineer, Montgomery began to develop his own models for portfolio management while pursuing his MBA at Harvard Business School. He began investing with the models in 1985, and due to the success of these models, he left his position in the transportation industry in 1991 to undertake the founding of Bridgeway.[1]

The business plan that Montgomery designed in 1991 was unique in the asset management industry. He established the benchmark that Bridgeway would donate 50% of its net profits to non-profit organizations. Included in Montgomery’s business plan was a commitment to stewardship, which Bridgeway demonstrates by avoiding all soft dollar arrangements. No full-time employee is permitted to make seven times more than the lowest paid full-time employee.

Investment procedures[edit]

Bridgeway employs a quantitative investment process. The company believes that using a quantitative approach will eliminate biases and human emotions in the investment management process.[2] Bridgeway applies up to 17 models with different factor weightings to diversify the risk associated with any one approach. Bridgeway tracks over 3500 stocks and ranks each stock in the universe based on a number of factors.[3]

Bridgeway Funds[edit]

The Bridgeway Funds family consists of 11 no-load mutual funds, and has no 12b-1 fees. Publications such as Barron's, Fortune, Kiplinger’s and Money frequently rate Bridgeway Funds amongst their top picks.[4][5][6]


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