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For the New Zealand politician, see Bruce McLeod (New Zealand).

The Very Reverend N. Bruce McLeod (1930 - ) is a former Moderator of the United Church of Canada (1972-1974).[1] He has a doctorate in preaching from Union Theological Seminary in New York.[2]

Once the minister of Bloor Street United Church in downtown Toronto and a frequent columnist in the United Church Observer, as Moderator McLeod practised extensive outreach via television and by ministry in shopping malls and elsewhere in the world beyond traditional congregational worship.[1] He envisioned a United Church of Canada that would become more open and welcoming to new ideas than had previously been the case, and one in which regional sensibilities as to then-current issues such as abortion would be given credibility.[1] During his term, McLeod also succeeded in encouraging more friendly relations between Jews and the United Church of Canada.[3]

In the 1981 provincial election, McLeod was the Ontario Liberal Party's candidate in the Toronto riding of St. George finishing second behind Susan Fish.


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