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Bruiser may refer to:

In music:

In film and television:

As a nickname or ring name:

  • Bruiser Flint (born 1965), American collegiate men's basketball head coach
  • Frank Kinard (1914-1985), American football player nicknamed "Bruiser", member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame
  • Bruiser Brody, ring name of American professional wrestler Frank Donald Goodish (1946-1988)
  • "Bruiser" Bob Sweetan (born 1940), American retired professional wrestler

Fictional characters:

Other uses:

See also[edit]

  • Dick the Bruiser, nickname of American professional wrestler and football player William Fritz Afflis (1929-1991)
  • Crystl Bustos (born 1977), American softball player known as "The Big Bruiser"