Buns and Guns

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Buns and Guns
Type Private
Industry Restaurants
Founded June 2008

near the Al Kaem Mosque

Beirut, Lebanon
Key people Yasser Marji
Products Sandwiches

Buns and Guns was a fast-food restaurant located in Sfeir, a southern suburb of Beirut, Lebanon in a Hezbollah controlled area.[1] The restaurant's theme of military decor, fake assault rifles, and camouflage netting, as well as recorded gunfire sounds. The dishes were served with names of "rocket-propelled grenade" (chicken on a skewer) and other names like Kalashnikov, Dragunov, Viper, and B52. Their motto was "A sandwich can kill you."[2]

According to an interview with Al-Manar, the restaurant's owner, Yasser Marji, said "My goal was to make people laugh before they ask me, why weapons? The important thing is that they laugh." Ibrahim claimed in the interview that the only way his sandwiches could kill customers was by their generous proportions. "It attracts customers in an unconventional way. You noticed the moment I opened the restaurant, there was a lot of business."

When last visited in October 2009 the restaurant had been closed. A new fast food restaurant, named 'Shoot', had opened up in its place. According to an employee, the restaurant had been sold a few months before. The theme of the new restaurant had no longer anything to do with guns, but was instead focused on sports ('Shoot' referring to a basketball or a football, as seen in the new logo).


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