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Buzdar (Balochi: بزدار) is a Baloch tribe found primarily in the mountainous area of Afghanistan's Sulaiman Mountains, the tribal areas of Dera Ghazi Khan, and also in Balochistan, Pakistan.


The Buzdar are traditionally warriors and constitute a significant portion of the region's local security forces. The Buzdars played a major role in the Baloch National Struggle. Buzdar fought against the British, Sikh & later against the military regime.


Sardar Mir Fateh Muhammad Khan Buzdar and Dr Mir Naik Buzdar founded the Baloch Students Organization (BSO). Meer Afan Buzdar is the new chairman of BSO.

Sardar Jameel Khan Bozdar and Ashiq Khan Buzdar are politicians from Mehraywala.

On December 7, 1967, four Balochis (known as Shuhdai Kohi Sulamn) died. One progressive movement initiated in the area with the support of other tribes was the Huft December Baloch Qaumi Movement.

Mir Wahid Buzdar, Mir Haji Momin Buzdar (late), Mir Sufi Ishaq Sajid Buzdar (late), Mir Hazrat Muhammad Ali Chigha Buzdar (late), Mir Ustad Deena Jafrani Buzdar and Hafiz Dandaka Buzdar (late) are Buzdar poets.

Sardar Mir Fateh Muhammad Khan buzdar is the sitting MPA (Member Provincial Assembly) from PP-241. Sardar Mir Jameel Khan Buzdar was the previous UC Nazim of Sikhaniwala (Rajanpur).

Mir Raja Javed Khan Buzdar is the MNA from 216. He belongs to Buzdar Wada Khairpur Mir's.

Socio-political situation[edit]

Most of the people are not prosperous. Illiteracy is common. Government support is often needed by Sardars and other Feudals. Most of the youth join football clubs. Many Buzdar are migrating and settling around Rajanpur and D.G. Khan districts. This includes many students studying in different institutions of higher education.


Other sub-tribes and famous family names include: Ghulamani, Gulkhani, shadmani, Bakhri, Sihani, Rostmani, Shahwani, Jalalani, Ahamdani, Jafirani, Khohyanri, Meernani, Hamzani, Dodani, Nurani, Nurgani,[1] Jehanani, Dostlani, Meerkhani, Dulani, Namurdi, Chakrani, (Hajhanri Ghotki, Mir Pur Mathelo) and Ladwani. The Rustamani Bakhri and norang khail are in Mangrotha tribe of Buzdar and mostly live in Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur (Mehraywala) and Koh-e-suleman.

The "Dostlani" subtribe descends from the great Sardar of Buzdar tribe, Sardar Dost Mohamad Buzdar, who has its own history. Another personality is Sardar Mambashk Buzdar Mansoor Ahmed Buzdar he is the chief in southern Punjab.