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Genres Pop
Years active 2004–2006
Labels Imperial Records
Associated acts NAO (Nao Toyama solo act)
Website Official Amuse Website
Members Nao Toyama
Mayumi Niwa
Mao Miyazato
Yurisa Asama
Sachiko Iwanaga
Yumi Takeda
For the town in France, see Buzy, Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

Buzy was a Japanese female pop music group, made up of members Nao Toyama, Mayumi Niwa, Mao Miyazato, Yurisa Asama, Sachiko Iwanaga and Yumi Takeda. They released their first single "Kujira" in 2004. They are well known for the song "Be Somewhere", used as the opening theme of the anime series Rockman EXE Stream, back in 2005. They also performed the opening theme song for Twin Spica, "Venus Say", a version of "Kujira" with different lyrics. The group's name stands for "Blend, Unique, Zipping, and You just wait." Many of their songs were written and composed by Porno Graffitti guitarist and lyricist Haruichi Shindou. Buzy disbanded in June 2006. Members Nao, Mayumi and Mao went on to form MANSAKU with former Boystyle members Kayoko and Yukina.


  • Nao Toyama (當山奈央, B. February 22, 1984, From Osaka)
  • Mayumi Niwa (丹羽麻由美, B. September 12, 1984, From Osaka)
  • Mao Miyazato (宮里真央, B. April 19, 1983, From Osaka)
  • Yurisa Asama (朝間ユリサ, B. July 27, 1984, From Kyoto)
  • Sachiko Iwanaga (岩永幸子, B. May 19, 1986, From Osaka)
  • Yumi Takeda (竹田侑美, B. October 29, 1986, From Kobe)



  • [2004.03.03] - Kujira (?)
  • [2004.07.07] - Hitori Ichizu (一人一途?)
  • [2005.01.26] - Be Somewhere
  • [2005.11.09] - Passion (パシオン?)


  • Buzy (January 25, 2006)
  1. Kujira (鯨)
  2. Hitori Ichizu (一人一途)
  3. Your Love is My Love (あなたを愛す私を愛す)
  4. Cosmos no Saku Goro ni (コスモスの咲く頃に)
  5. Passion (パシオン)
  6. Remake (リメイク)
  7. Shiroi Jitensha (白い自転車)
  8. Keep Silence
  9. Be Somewhere
  10. Rav & Business
  11. Buzy
  12. Ashita Hare Retara (アシタ晴レタラ)
  13. [HIDDEN TRACK] >> [Annani Anoko no Koto wo Omotteru Yatsu wa Inakatta] ([あんなにあのコの事を想ってる奴はいなかった]) by NAO

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