Cape Greco

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Cape Greco

Cape Greco, also known as Cavo Greco (Italian; Greek: Κάβο Γκρέκο "Greek cape"), is a headland in the southeastern part of the island of Cyprus. It is at the southern end of Famagusta Bay.

It lies between the towns of Ayia Napa and Protaras, both of which are popular tourist resorts. It is frequently visited by many tourists for its natural beauty. It is a protected nature park. From the high points on the cliff that rests at the cape one can view amazing sights out to sea.

According to local legend it is also the home of the 'Ayia Napa sea monster'.


At Cape Greco, there is a large mediumwave broadcasting station used by TWR. It has several mast radiators and broadcasts on 1233 kHz with 600 kW.

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Coordinates: 35°00′N 34°01′E / 35.000°N 34.017°E / 35.000; 34.017