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Carola Dunn (born November 14, 1946) is a UK-born American writer. She began by writing historical romances but later switched to crime stories. Today she lives and works in Eugene, Oregon. The hero of her crime novels is the Honourable Daisy Dalrymple, a freelance writer, sometimes known as "Miss Daisy". Dalrymple's husband is Detective Chief Inspector Alec Fletcher. He tries, unsuccessfully to keep her out of crime investigations. His superiors at the Yard are terrified of her meddling but find it difficult to stop her because of her very high social position.


The Daisy Dalrymple series[edit]

"Cosy mysteries set in England in the 1920s"

  1. Death At Wentwater Court (1994)
  2. The Winter Garden Mystery (1995)
  3. Requiem For A Mezzo (1996)
  4. Murder On The Flying Scotsman (1997)
  5. Damsel In Distress (1997)
  6. Dead In The Water (1999)
  7. Styx And Stones (1999)
  8. Rattle His Bones (2000)
  9. To Davy Jones Below (2001)
  10. The Case Of The Murdered Muckraker (2002)
  11. Mistletoe And Murder (2002)
  12. Die Laughing (2003)
  13. A Mourning Wedding (2004)
  14. Fall Of A Philanderer (2005)
  15. Gunpowder Plot (2006)
  16. The Bloody Tower (2007)
  17. Black Ship (2008)
  18. Sheer Folly (2009)
  19. Anthem For Doomed Youth (2011)
  20. Gone West (2012)
  21. Heirs of the Body (2013)
  22. Superfluous Women (2015)

Daisy also appears in short stories:

Cornish Mystery series[edit]

  1. Manna From Hades (2009)
  2. A Colorful Death (2010)
  3. The Valley of the Shadow (2012)

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