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Casemate Publishers and Book Distributors LLC
Type LLC
Industry Publishing
Founded 2001 in Philadelphia
Headquarters Havertown, Philadelphia
Key people David Farnsworth; President, Simone Drinkwater; Managing Director, Casemate UK, Steven Smith; Publishing Director, Curtis Key; Director of Digital Publishing
Products Publisher of non-fiction
Employees 14 (2010)

Casemate Publishers, also known as Casemate, is a Philadelphia-based publishing company that specializes in producing printed military history books. They have published over 150 books on military history. Many of their books are memoirs and historical overviews of specific military events. They also distribute books for other publishing companies and market their products to enthusiasts, hobbyists, students, instructors and researchers of military history, as well as members of the armed forces and military organizations.[1]


Casemate Publishers was established in 2001, when Combined Publishing‘s US operations were sold to Perseus Books Group[2] and rolled into its Da Capo imprint.[3] The running of their distribution operation was taken over by Combined Publishing’s sales director David Farnsworth, who created new distribution company Casemate Publishers and Book Distributors LLC. Casemate began distributing books in North America for publishers, specializing in military history. The company also began to publish its own military history books and since 2001 has expanded its publishing output to 30 book titles a year.

Creation of Casemate UK[edit]


In July 2007, Casemate supported a management buyout of the Greenhill Books/Chatham Publishing distribution operation and sales team from Lionel Leventhal Ltd and set up a new company, Casemate UK Ltd.[4][5] As a result, Casemate UK became responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of a number of military history and art book publishers.

Additionally, Casemate UK provides sales representation (but not distribution) for Frontline Books, Lund Humphries Publishers and Seaforth Publishing.

Brands and imprints[edit]

In January 2009, Casemate Publishers launched brand Casemate Athena[6] their new distribution initiative targeted at ‘the sophisticated reader’. The books distributed under the Casemate Athena brand cover enthusiasms, including travel, cooking, reference, nostalgia, heritage, sports and gardening.

Purchase of Oxbow Books[edit]

In December 2011, Casemate UK's parent company, Casemate Publishers Ltd bought leading Archaeology Publisher and Bookseller Oxbow Books,[7] together with its US operation, The David Brown Book Company from its founder, David Brown on his retirement. Oxbow was founded and is still based in Oxford, UK in 1983 and The David Brown Company was founded in 1991 in the USA and is based in Oakville, CT.

Casemate's Distribution Clients[edit]

  • 30 Degress South Publishers (UK)
  • AF Editions (US/UK)
  • Airfile Publications (UK)
  • AJ Press (UK)
  • Amber Books (US/UK)
  • Amberley (US)
  • Andrea Press (US/UK)
  • Bernard and Graefe (UK)
  • Birlinn Ltd (US)
  • Brookhurst Press (UK)
  • Ch Links (US)
  • Concord (UK)
  • D-Day Publishing (US/UK)
  • De Krijger(US)
  • Editions Charles Hérissey (US)
  • Editions Heimdal (UK)
  • Emperor's Press (UK)
  • Enigma Books (UK)
  • Firestep Books (UK)
  • Flying Machine Press (UK)
  • Formac / Lorimer (US/UK)
  • Foundry Books (US/UK)
  • Front Street Press (US/UK)
  • Frontline Books (US)
  • Grub Street Publishing (US)
  • Helion and Company (US/UK)
  • Histoire & Collections (US/UK)
  • Historical Indexes (US)
  • History Facts (US/UK)
  • Indo Editions (US)
  • Ironclad Publishing (US)
  • Johansens (US)
  • Kagero (UK)
  • Ken Trotman Books (UK)
  • Lancer Publishers (US/UK)
  • Mushroom Model Publications (US)
  • National Maritime Museum (UK)
  • Naval and Military Press Ltd (UK)
  • Naval Institute Press (UK)
  • Newbury Books (UK)
  • OREP (US/UK)
  • Paladin Press (UK)
  • Paul Holberton (US/UK)
  • Pen and Sword Books (US)
  • Periscopio Publications (UK)
  • Philedition (US/UK)
  • Presidio Press (UK)
  • Quiron (UK)
  • Riebel-Roque (US/UK)
  • Ryton Publications (UK)
  • RZM Imports (UK)
  • SI. Publicaties BV (US/UK)
  • Savas Beatie (US/UK)
  • Scoval Publishing Ltd (UK)
  • Seaforth Publishing (US)
  • Stackpole Books (UK)
  • Stevens International (UK)
  • Taj Books (US)
  • Tattered Flag (US/UK)
  • Travel Publishing (US)
  • Vanwell Publishing (US)
  • Warlord Games (US/UK)
  • Wharncliffe (US)


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