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Articles with peacock terms
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In Wikipedia, a peacock term is language that shows off the importance of a subject without giving any real information.

For example, compare:

William Peckenridge, 1st Duke of Omnium (1602? - May 8, 1671) is considered, by some people, to be the most important man ever to carry that title.


William Peckenridge, 1st Duke of Omnium (1602? - May 8, 1671) was personal counselor to King Charles I, royalist general in the English Civil War, a chemist, poet, and the director of the secret society known as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. He expanded his family's possessions to include the proprietorship of the Province of New Hampshire and the hereditary Lord High Bailiffship of Guernsey and Sark.

The first example simply tells the reader that the Duke of Omnium was important. The second example shows the reader how he was important.

In Wikipedia, show; don't tell.


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