Charles F. Abernathy

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Charles F. Abernathy (born 1946) is a professor at Georgetown University Law Center, and a graduate of Harvard College and of Harvard Law School.[1]

Professor Abernathy works in the fields of civil rights and comparative law. He is the author of Civil Rights and Constitutional Litigation (West, 3d ed. 2000), the first modern casebook on federal civil rights statutes, and co-author of The Law of Equal Employment Opportunity, a treatise on employment discrimination law. In comparative law Professor Abernathy focuses on the philosophical and practical issues related to conceptualization of the legal process in common law and civil law countries.[2] He specializes in teaching American law to students from foreign legal backgrounds and is the author of Law in the United States (International Law Institute Press). Professor Abernathy was the Fulbright Professor of Law in Egypt in 1983-84,[3] has served as a consultant to the Department of State and the Senate Judiciary Committee,[citation needed] and served as director[citation needed] of Georgetown University Law Center's summer programs abroad (in Florence, Italy, and Heidelberg, Germany) from 1987–2000, and often lectures at law schools abroad (Italy, Switzerland, Argentina, and Germany).[4]