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The Richard B. and Lynne V. Cheney Cardiovascular Institute at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. was established in 2006. It is chartered with the George Washington University School of Medicine

History and Mission[edit]

Former Vice President of the United States Dick Cheney had been a patient at The George Washington University Hospital numerous times for cardiovascular purposes. In 2006, Vice President Cheney, still in office, and his wife, Lynne Cheney, contributed $2.7 million to start this center for cardiovascular research.[1][2][3]

The Institute strives to be the leading center for cardiovascular research. Additionally, the Cheney Institute advocates clinical research, patient care, community service, and education in order to advance scientific discovery, reduce mortality rates and to improve the quality of the lives of those with cardiovascular disease.

Several departments at The George Washington University Hospital are united under the institute. These departments include, aside from cardiology, the radiology, cardiovascular surgery, biochemistry, pharmacology, and molecular biology departments. The Institute's director is Dr. Richard Katz.

Board of directors[edit]

Several prominent people sit on the Board of Directors, including Mary Cheney,[4] Mary Matalin, and John L. Ray


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