Chepo, Panama

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Chepo is located in Panama
Coordinates: 9°10′12″N 79°6′0″W / 9.17000°N 79.10000°W / 9.17000; -79.10000Coordinates: 9°10′12″N 79°6′0″W / 9.17000°N 79.10000°W / 9.17000; -79.10000
Country Panama
Province Panamá
District Chepo District
Population (2008)[1]
 • Total 17 757

Chepo is a town located northeast of Panama City in Chepo District, Panamá province, Panama. It is located five kilometers south of the Inter-American Highway.[2] It is a sprawling town that is nearly a suburb of Panama City.[2] It contains a gas station, hospital, ATM, and a variety of stores.[2]


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