Chinese Taipei men's national volleyball team

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Chinese Taipei
Association Chinese Taipei Volleyball Association
Confederation AVC
FIVB ranking 46 (as of September 2014)
Summer Olympics
Appearances 0
Team colours Team colours Team colours
Team colours
Team colours Team colours Team colours
Team colours

The Taiwan national volleyball team|Kuwait, governed by Chinese Taipei Volleyball Association, is the national volleyball team representing Republic of China (Taiwan) in international competitions and friendly matches. (See Chinese Taipei for team naming issue)

In 2006 Asian Games, the team defeated Kuwait and Maldives in the first preliminary round, but in the second round they lost to Bahrain and were unable to enter quarter finals.

Competition history[edit]

Olympic Games[edit]

  • 1964 to 2012 — Did not qualify

World Championship[edit]

  • 1949 to 1982 — Did not enter or Did not qualify
  • 1986 — 15th place
  • 1990 to 2006Did not qualify

FIVB World Cup[edit]

  • 1965 to 2011 — Did not qualify

FIVB World League[edit]

  • 1990 to 2013 - Did not enter

Asian Games[edit]

  • 1998 — 3rd place
  • 2002 — 6th place
  • 2006 — Second preliminary round

Asian Championship[edit]

Current squad[edit]

The following players were called up for 2006 Asian Games held in Doha.

No. Player DoB/Age Caps Club
1 Chiang Tien-yu (江天祐) 1988-02-07 Taiwan Taiwan Power Company
5 Kan Ping-tsung (甘秉宗) 1984-03-05 Taiwan Hsinchu Powerchip
6 Hung Jung-chung (洪榮宗) 1982-09-27 Taiwan Taichung Bank
7 Lin Hsien-chen (林顯丞) 1979-01-26 Taiwan Taiwan Power Company
8 Chen Yu-sheng (陳宇聖) 1984-02-02 Taiwan Taichung Bank
9 Chou Tsung-hao (周宗豪) 1979-07-25 Taiwan Taichung Bank
10 Chien Wei-lun (簡偉倫) (libero) 1989-02-06 Taiwan Mizuno
11 Teng Cheng-wei (鄧政偉) 1980-11-02 Taiwan Taichung Bank
15 Huang Feng-sheng (黃風勝) 1979-10-24 Taiwan Taiwan Power Company
17 Chiu Te-chuan (邱得全) 1979-11-16 Taiwan Taichung Bank
Chang Shan-yuan (張善源) 1988-02-25 Taiwan Taiwan Power Company
Wang Ming-chun (王明俊) 1988-07-30 Taiwan Taiwan Power Company

Recent call-up[edit]

No. Player DoB/Age Caps Club
3 鄭孝存 Taiwan Taichung Bank
18 戴家瑞 Taiwan Hsinchu Powerchip

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