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Christopher Douglas (born c.1955[1]) is a United Kingdom actor and writer.

Douglas left school at 15 and spent two years in his early twenties researching the life of Douglas Jardine the England test cricketer. This research formed the basis of a biography of Jardine in 2002. He has also written a radio play on cricket based on the series The Englishman Abroad which was broadcast as a Saturday Night Theatre on Radio 4 in September 1980.

As an actor, he is best known for playing Samuel Onedin in the BBC nautical drama The Onedin Line.

In 1990 Douglas co-created, with Nigel Planer, the character of the fictional actor Nicholas Craig for whom he wrote the fictional autobiography I, An Actor, and which developed into two TV series and a stage show, which he directed.

He co-created the fictional cricketer Dave "Pod" Podmore whom he played in the 2002 BBC Radio 4 series Dave Podmore's World of Cricket and three series of Dave Podmore's Cricket Fix for Radio 4 .

Douglas collaborated on the fictional autobiography which inspired the series, Pod Almighty! (1996) and The Word of Pod, (2002) a collection of the Dave Podmore columns he wrote for The Guardian newspaper. He also "ghosted" actress June Whitfield's autobiography published in 2000.[1]

Since 2005, he has co-written (with Andrew Nickolds) and starred in Ed Reardon's Week, a situation comedy on BBC Radio 4 about a failed hack writer.[2]

Since 2009, he has co written (with Nicola Sanderson) Beauty of Britain a situation comedy on BBC Radio 4 about an African immigrant care worker.[3]



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