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CinemAsia Film Festival
Cinemasia logo.jpg
CinemAsia Film Festival logo
Location Amsterdam , Netherlands
Language International

CinemAsia Film Festival, held annually in De Balie, Amsterdam, Netherlands, is a leading Asian film festivals in Europe.[1] One of its main characteristics is that the festival only screens global, international or national premières.[citation needed]

CinemAsia started in 2003 as an independent Asian film and documentary festival in the Netherlands.[citation needed] CinemAsia has the aim to build a platform for Asian cinema within the Dutch film industry and it functions as a platform to enlarge the visibility of Asian-Dutch individuals and media professionals.[citation needed] CinemAsia is a venue for Asian cinema to Western Europe and demonstrates the diversity of the Asian culture, identity, and modernity. The festival aims to create a broader view on Asia, beyond the stereotype of which are often found in Hollywood films. CinemAsia has become the largest Asian film festival in Western Europe.[citation needed] Since 2012, CinemAsia is held annually with in the odd-years a four-day festival and in the even-years a festival of five days. CinemAsia screens full-feature films, 'shorts' and documentaries.


  • 1st CinemAsia, March 24–28, 2004
Films screened: 29 films from 12 countries
Opening Film: Better luck tomorrow, Justin Lin, United States
Closing Film: Arisan!, Nia Dinata, Indonesia
  • 2nd CinemAsia, March 30 - April 8, 2006
Films screened: 56 films from 12 countries
Opening Film: Dumplings, Fruit Chan, Hong Kong
Closing Film: Detik Terakhir, Nana Istiabudi, Indonesia
  • 3rd CinemAsia, April 2–13, 2008
Films screened: 37 films from 12 countries
Opening Film: Finishing the Game, Justin Lin, United States
Closing Film: Quickie Express, Dimas Djayadiningrat, Indonesia
  • 4th CinemAsia, May 20 – 30, 2010
Films screened: 56 films from 11 countries
Opening Film: Dream Home, Pang Ho-cheung, Hong Kong
Closing Film: Sang Pemimpi, Andrea Hirata, Indonesia
  • 5th CinemAsia, April 4–8, 2012[2]
Opening Film: The Great Magician, Derek Yee, Hong Kong/China
Closing Film: Arisan! 2, Nia Dinata, Indonesia
Country Focus Korea: The Front Line, Jang Hoon, South Korea
  • 6th CinemAsia, April 2–6, 2013
Films screened: 24 film from 9 countries
Opening Film: Lost in Thailand, Xu Zheng, China
Closing Film: #republiktwitter, Kuntz Agus, Indonesia
Country Focus Korea: The Thieves, Choi Dong-hoon, South Korea

CinemAsia Festival sections[edit]

CinemAsia Film Festival has different focusses and sections.[citation needed]

  • Korean Film Focus: Opening of the festival's Korean film section is sponsored by the embassy of the Republic of Korea to the Netherlands. During the last festivals Korean blockbusters like Azooma, The Thieves, The Front Line, and Portrait of a Beauty found audience in the Netherlands.
  • CinemAsia FilmLab: A national competition in which CinemAsia empowers and supports young Dutch-Asian filmmakers to produce their own first filming debut. This competition is held every second year (even years).
  • Retrospective: Every festival the programming committee aims to screen a retrospective of a laurated filmmaker or milestone films from a certain country of origin.
  • Focus on Diaspora: One of the main goals of CinemAsia is to build a platform for the Asian diaspora in the Netherlands. Which includes post-colonial Indonesians, adopted Koreans and immigrant Chinese. This focus is done by organising debates and lectures on roots and heritage.
  • CinemAsia in't Land: The main festival takes place in Amsterdam, though the audience can also visit shorter festivals throughout the country. Throughout the year CinemAsia organizes screenings in Rotterdam, The Hague and Eindhoven.


A number of awards are handed out each year, including: Best Feature Film, Best Short and Best Documentary.[citation needed]

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