Claudius Apellinus

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Claudius Apellinus was a Governor of Britannia Inferior, a province of Roman Britain some time between AD 222 and 235. Little else is known of him although he did repair a ballistarium at Bremenium, today High Rochester, Northumberland.

The Historia Augusta says Constantius I was the son of Eutropius, a noble from northern Dardania in modern Serbia, and Claudia, a niece of the emperors Claudius II and Quintillus.[1] Historians, however, suspect this maternal connection to be a genealogical fabrication created by his grandson Constantine II, thus connecting his family to two rather highly regarded predecessors, such as the Gordians (and through them the Antonines), the Severians and the Gens Julia, and to these the Theodosians. Historians, however, believe that this connection is a posterior forgery to illustrate Constantine's ancestry, connecting him with beloved Emperors of the Past.


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