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Cocoon Recordings is a record label founded in 2000 and operated by DJ and electronic music producer Sven Väth. Based in Frankfurt, Germany, Cocoon is a division of the Cocoon Music Event GmbH.

Cocoon Rec Logo.jpeg
Founded 2000
Founder Sven Väth
Genre Techno
Minimal Techno
Country of origin Germany
Location Frankfurt
Official website

Väth founded Cocoon Recordings in order to complete the Cocoon platform as a supporting tool for young artists in Electronic Music. The label philosophy is: "helping young producers and DJs to release their music without depending on Major Label structures"[citation needed]. The musical style of the releases is mainly Techno. The flagship of Cocoon Recordings' releases is the Cocoon Compilation, which features exclusive tracks by Cocoon Artists as well as other new talents and is facing its tenth issue 'J', which was released in June 2010.

Another series is called "…in the Mix" and features the official Mix-CDs of Sven Väth. After each season in Ibiza, Väth releases his current set – something he did in 1999 for the first time ever during his twenty-year long career – under the title The Sound of the First Season, which entered the official German Compilation Charts at # 28. The Sound of the Fifth Season, a combined CD/DVD, gives an impression behind the scenes of the CocoonClub Ibiza, and the volume The Sound of the Tenth Season was released to celebrate 10 years of Cocoon Ibiza.

Notable artists from past and present[edit]

Patrick Kunkel

Notable releases[edit]

Singles / EPs[edit]

  • 2009 Stefan Goldmann "Yes To All" (12")
  • 2007 Guy Gerber "Late bloomers" (12")
  • 2006 Guy Gerber "This Is Balagan" (12")
  • 2006 Guy Gerber & Shlomi Aber "Sea Of Sand" (12")
  • 2005 Väth vs. Rother "Komm" (12")
  • 2005 Oliver Koletzki "Der Mückenschwarm" (12")
  • 2002 Legowelt "Disco Rout" (12")


  • 2011 "Various Artists" - Cocoon Compilation K (CD, unmixed)
  • 2010 Various Artists - Sven Vath In The Mix - The Sound Of The Eleventh Season (2CD, mixed)
  • 2010 Various Artists - Cocoon Compilation J (CD, unmixed)
  • 2009 Various Artists - Sven Vath In The Mix - The Sound Of The Tenth Season (2CD, mixed)
  • 2009 Various Artists - Cocoon Compilation I (CD, unmixed)
  • 2008 Various Artists - Sven Vath In The Mix - The Sound Of The Ninth Season (2CD, mixed)
  • 2008 Various Artists - Cocoon Compilation H (CD, unmixed)
  • 2007 Various Artists - Sven Vath In The Mix - The Sound Of The Eighth Season (2CD, mixed)
  • 2007 Various Artists - Raresh & André Galuzzi - Freak Show (2CD, mixed)
  • 2007 Various Artists - Cocoon Compilation G (CD, unmixed)
  • 2006 Various Artists - Sven Vath In The Mix - The Sound Of The Seventh Season (2CD, mixed)
  • 2006 Various Artists - Cocoon Compilation F (CD, unmixed)
  • 2005 Various Artists - Sven Vath In The Mix - The Sound Of The Sixth Season (2CD, mixed)
  • 2006 Various Artists - Väth & Hawtin In The Mix - The Sound Of The Third Season (2CD, mixed)
  • 2004 Various Artists - Loco Dice & Villalobos - Green & Blue (2CD, mixed)
  • 2003 Various Artists - Funk D'Void - iFunk (CD, mixed)
  • 2003 Various Artists - Ricardo Villalobos - Taka Taka (CD, mixed)
  • 2002 Various Artists - Cocoon Compilation C (CD, unmixed)
  • 2001 Various Artists - Steve Bug - presents The Flow (CD, mixed)
  • 2001 Various Artists - Cocoon Compilation B (CD, unmixed)
  • 2000 Various Artists - Cocoon Compilation A (CD, unmixed)

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