Coenrad Laurens Coolen

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Coenrad Laurens Coolen is one of the lay evangelists who did evangelical work in East Java.[1] He did the evangelists in Java along with other lay Evangelists such as Kiai Ibrahim Tunggul Wulung, Paul Tosari and Johannes Emde.[1]


Coolen was born in Ungaran in 1773.[1] His father was from Russia and his mother was a daughter of Prince Kojaran of the noble family of Mataram.[2] Background education Coolen is ELS and he went into military service.[1] His last assignment was in the artillery. In Surabaya Coolen married a woman of English and had five children. After he moved from the Surabaya job as boss of Opzichter (sinder blandong) at Wirosobo (Mojoagung). In it he remarried to his servants the Sadiyah and had three children.


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