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Type Private
Industry Computer software
Founded Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States (October 1, 2009 (2009-10-01))
Founder(s) Alex Gizis
Headquarters Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Area served Worldwide

Connectify is a software company focused on developing networking software for consumers. Connectify's flagship product Connectify Hotspot, is a software router for Microsoft Windows. Connectify also has more recently released Connectify Dispatch, a network load balancing solution and Speedify, a Link aggregation service [1]


According to Connectify CEO and founder Alex Gizis, back in 2009, the idea for Connectify started when the development team was testing wireless networking hardware at an Army base. Their hardware technology was driving Humvees wirelessly over miles, but the team itself was juggling USB drives to sneakernet files between Windows laptops. For the next trip out, they brought a hardware router, but the bulk of that extra gear, and the need to plug it in, became an issue. To address this need, they developed the original Connectify application, now known as Connectify Hotspot.[2] Connectify launched the 1.0 version, once known as Connectify, in October 2009.[3] It can enable a Windows PC to serve as a router over Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Along with a Windows 7 or 8 certified Wi-Fi device it can act as a wireless access point. This enables users to share files, printers, and Internet connections between multiple computing devices without the need for a separate physical access point or router. Well-regarded by the press,[4][5] Connectify spent the next two years improving the product, first making it free and ad-supported. In 2011, Connectify decided to offer a PRO version of the software which included premium features for paying customers. These features included extended support of 3G/4G mobile devices, fully customizable SSIDs and premium customer support.

Also in 2011, Connectify received funding[6] from In-Q-Tel to begin developing a more powerful and secure remote networking platform and a connection-aggregation application. Connectify used this funding to develop the foundation of the application, and then in 2012 turned to the crowdfunding site Kickstarter to raise additional funding [7] to develop Connectify Dispatch. Dispatch is a Load Balancer which can combine any number of Ethernet, Wi-Fi or mobile Internet connections. Latest Version :


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