C. L. Gloger

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Constantin Wilhelm Lambert Gloger
Constantin Wilhelm Lambert Gloger.jpg
Born 1803
Grottkau, Silesia
Died 1863
Citizenship Kingdom of Prussia
Fields Zoology, ornithology
Known for Gloger's rule

Constantin Wilhelm Lambert Gloger (1803 near Grottkau, Silesia, Kingdom of Prussia–1863 in Berlin) was a German zoologist and ornithologist.

Gloger was the first person to recognise the structural differences between swallows and swifts, and also the first to put up artificial bat boxes.

He was the originator of Gloger's rule, which states that dark pigments increase in races of animals living in warm and humid habitats. He put forward this theory in his Das Abändern der Vögel durch Einfluss des Klimas (1833). His other works include Gemeinnütziges Hand-und Hilfsbuch der Naturgeschichte (1841).