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For the eponymous hill, see Seven hills of Iaşi.
Copou Gardens
Gradina Copou.jpg
Junimea Alley in Copou
Type Urban park
Location Iaşi
Coordinates 47°10′43″N 27°34′02″E / 47.178678°N 27.56716°E / 47.178678; 27.56716Coordinates: 47°10′43″N 27°34′02″E / 47.178678°N 27.56716°E / 47.178678; 27.56716
Area 10 ha (25 acres)
Created 1834

The Copou Park or Copou Gardens is a historic park located in the Copou Hill neighborhood, Iaşi, Romania. A landmark of Iaşi, with centuries old trees, the park is one of the first historical public gardens created in Romania.


Obelisk of Lions

Development started in 1833, at a time when Iaşi was the capital of Moldavia, following designs by Gheorghe Asachi and Mihail Singurov. The garden was enlarged in 1849 and 1852, while in 1860 street lamps were installed for the first time.[1]

The park has an area of over 10 hectares and includes the oldest public monument in Romania, the Obelisk of Lions (1834), a 13.5 m (44 ft) tall obelisk, dedicated to the Law of Organic Rules, the first law on political, administrative and juridical organization in the Romanian Principalities.[2]

Other landmarks include Eminescu's Linden Tree, the Mihai Eminescu Museum and the Junimea Alley.

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