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Flag of Coruche
Coat of arms of Coruche
Coat of arms
Location in Portugal
Location in Portugal
Coordinates: 38°59′N 8°30′W / 38.983°N 8.500°W / 38.983; -8.500
Country  Portugal
Region Ribatejo
Subregion Lezíria do Tejo
District/A.R. Santarém
 • Mayor Dionísio Mendes (PS)
 • Total 1,117.6 km2 (431.5 sq mi)
 • Total 19,931
 • Density 17.8/km2 (46/sq mi)
Parishes (no.) 6
Municipal holiday August 15

Coruche (Portuguese pronunciation: [kuˈɾuʃ(ɨ)]) is a municipality in Santarém District in Portugal with a total area of 1,117.6 km² and a total population of 19,931 inhabitants (2011).

The present Mayor is Dionísio Simão Mendes, elected by the Socialist Party.

The Coruche City Council has also six City Councillors: Joaquim Filipe Coelho Serrão, Francisco Silvestre de Oliveira and Nelson Fernando Nunes Galvão elected by the Socialist Party, and Ricardo Jorge Rato Ferreira Raposo, Isidro Rodrigo Silva Catarino and António Joaquim Soares elected by Coligação Democrática Unitária

The municipal holiday is August 17.


Administratively, the municipality is divided into 6 civil parishes (freguesias):[1]

  • Biscainho - which includes the settlement of Courelas
  • Branca - which includes Arriça, Figueiras
  • Coruche, Fajarda e Erra - which includes Azervadinha, Erra, Fajarda, Foros do Paul, Frazão, Vale Manços, Santo Antonino
  • Couço - which includes Couço, Santa Justa, Foros de Lagoiços, Volta do Vale, Courelinhas, Varejola
  • Santana do Mato - which includes Carapuções
  • São José da Lamarosa - which includes Azerveira, Zebrinho, Feixe

Municipal holiday[edit]

The festival happens from August 14 to the 18 except a few years (including 2005) when it ended 19. This party is in honor of Nossa Senhora do Castelo (lit. Our Lady of the Castle). On August 14 at midnight a fireworks show starts the festival. In 17 August, the holiday, a bullfight is made in honor of Our Lady. Many runnings of bulls (a minor version of Pamplona's encierro) happen during the festivity. During all days late night parties happen in traditional local pubs.

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Coordinates: 38°57′25″N 8°31′37″W / 38.95694°N 8.52694°W / 38.95694; -8.52694