Cosmic Conflict

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Cosmic Conflict (Videopac)
Cosmic Conflict Coverart.png
Developer(s) Philips
Publisher(s) Philips
Platform(s) Odyssey²/Videopac
Release date(s) 1978 [1]
Genre(s) Scrolling shooter
Mode(s) Single player
Distribution 1 Videopac Cartridge

Cosmic Conflict from 1978 is one of the games for the Philips Magnavox Odyssey², a console from the 1970s in the 8-bit home video game console era. The game was a 2D shooter that allowed one or more players along with one choosable skill level to play. The plotline for the game was very basic (as with many games of the period), in which the player was a commander of the Centurion, an Earth Federation starship that guards a remote corner of the galaxy and defend against the alien invasion fleet trying to enslave Earth. In the end, the game did not sell as well as Atari, though it did do somewhat well in Brazil and Europe.


Cosmic Conflict is a first person, one skill level scrolling shooter in 2D perspective (similar to such other games as Star Fox). In the game, the player must travel through a space-themed environment filled with colorful planets in the background. The player must travel within the Centurion and shoot different enemies. The player's score depends upon how many enemies the player is able to shoot.


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