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A county council, in Swedish landstingsfullmäktige, is an elected assembly of a regional municipality (landsting or region) having the same borders as the government run county in Sweden.

A county council is a political entity, elected by the county electorate and typically its main responsibilities lie within the public health care system. Within the same borders, for the county there is also a county administrative board which is an administrative entity appointed by the government.

The Swedish name of these regional municipalities, Landsting, is the same as was used by the supreme tings of the historical provinces of Sweden. In 2010, the different landstingsfullmäktige have a combined 1,662 seats according to the Swedish Election Authority (Valmyndigheten).[1]

Constitutionally the county councils exercise a degree of municipal self-government provided for in the Constitution of Sweden. This does not constitute any degree of federalism, which is consistent with Sweden's status as a unitary state. In Swedish terminology the county council is considered to be a "provincial municipality" or landstingskommun.

In each county there are also several smaller entities for the local government and administration that constitute municipal self-government, which are independent of the county councils. It is called a "primary municipality" or primärkommun, and more plainly "municipality" or kommun, whereas the regional landsting are secondary municipalities. The island of Gotland is a special case in that it makes up one full county but at the same time only one municipality. Since 1971, Gotland does not have a separate entity for a county council, the Municipality of Gotland also handles the county council tasks.

During a trial period the government has decided to devolve some of the authority from the county administrative boards in three different counties. This authority will instead be held by the involved county councils in Skåne, Västra Götaland and Gotland, now called regional councils.[citation needed]

Historically Stockholm City was outside any county and was not covered by the Stockholm county council until 1967, and some other large cities were in counties but outside county councils. The cities handled the responsibilities. The two last such cities were Malmö and Göteborg until 1998. Gotland still is without county council.

  County County Council Landsting
1. Blekinge Blekinge County Council Landstinget Blekinge
2. Dalarna Dalarna County Council Landstinget Dalarna
3. Gotland Gotland Municipality Gotland kommun
4. Gävleborg Gävleborg County Council Landstinget Gävleborg
5. Halland Halland County Council Landstinget Halland
6. Jämtland Jämtland County Council Jämtlands läns landsting
7. Jönköping Jönköping County Council Landstinget i Jönköpings län
8. Kalmar Kalmar County Council Landstinget i Kalmar län
9. Kronoberg Kronoberg County Council Landstinget Kronoberg
10. Norrbotten Norrbotten County Council Norrbottens läns landsting
11. Skåne Skåne Regional Council Region Skåne
12. Stockholm Stockholm County Council Stockholms läns landsting
13. Södermanland Södermanland County Council Landstinget Sörmland
14. Uppsala Uppsala County Council Landstinget i Uppsala län
15. Värmland Värmland County Council Landstinget i Värmland
16. Västerbotten Västerbotten County Council Västerbottens läns landsting
17. Västernorrland Västernorrland County Council Landstinget Västernorrland
18. Västmanland Västmanland County Council Landstinget Västmanland
19. Västra Götaland Västra Götaland Regional Council Västra Götalandsregionen
20. Örebro Örebro County Council Örebro läns landsting
21. Östergötland Östergötland County Council Landstinget i Östergötland


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