1999 Coupe de la Ligue Final

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The Coupe de la Ligue Final 1999 was a football match held at Stade de France, Saint-Denis on May 8, 1999, that saw RC Lens defeat FC Metz 1-0 thanks to a goal by Daniel Moreira.

Match details[edit]

GK 1 France Guillaume Warmuz
DF 2 France Eric Sikora
DF 4 France Cyrille Magnier
DF 13 France Frédéric Déhu (c)
MF 25 France Valérien Ismaël
MF 6 France Cyril Rool
MF 10 France Daniel Moreira Substituted off 77'
MF 8 France Stéphane Dalmat Substituted off 90'
MF 19 Czech Republic Vladimír Šmicer Substituted off 80'
FW 21 France Pascal Nouma
FW 11 France Tony Vairelles
MF 7 France Mickaël Debève Substituted in 77'
MF 18 France Philippe Brunel Substituted in 80'
MF 9 Ghana Alex Nyarko Substituted in 90'
Unused substitutes:
GK 16 France Christophe Marichez
DF 3 France Yohan Lachor
France Daniel Leclercq

Assistant Referees:
Fourth Official:

GK 1 France Lionel Letizi
DF 2 France Pascal Pierre
DF 18 Luxembourg Jeff Strasser
DF 5 France Sylvain Kastendeuch (c)
DF 26 United States France David Regis Substituted off 68'
DF 14 France Geoffray Toyes
MF 8 France Franck Rizzetto
MF 25 Belgium Danny Boffin
MF 10 France Frédéric Meyrieu
MF 28 Belgium Gunter Van Handenhoven Substituted off 80'
FW 15 Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Nenad Jestrović
MF 7 France Ludovic Asuar Substituted in 68'
DF 4 France Sébastien Schemmel Substituted in 80'
Unused substitutes:
GK 16 France André Biancarelli
MF 12 France Grégory Proment
FW 29 Algeria Nasreddine Kraouche
France Joël Müller

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