Courage and Consequence

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Karl Rove: Courage and Consequence
Compilation album by Karl Rove
Released March 3, 2010
Genre Indie rock, rock, noise rock
Label Seismic Wave Entertainment

Karl Rove: Courage and Consequence [1] is a grassroots funded [2] compilation of rock songs released on March 3rd 2010 [3] in anticipation of Karl Rove's similarly titled memoir. The subtitle of the record is The Unabridged Audio. It was conceived as:

"an anticipatory sonic recollection of the gross misdeeds attributable to Rove over the past decade". [4]

It is both a compilation LP Album and Digital Download package, as well as a direct lampoon of 'Courage and Consequence: My Life As a Conservative in the Fight' written by Karl Rove. Project: Courage and Consequence [5] was conceived of, in tandem with the compilation LP to Google Bomb[6] the memoir of the similar title and "mess with the search results" [2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. The Heavenly States - "A Man For Our Times"
  2. Rival Dickens - "Forget The Naughts"
  3. Have Special Power - "A Rove By Any Other Name"
  4. Assistant Cobra - "The Art Of Distraction"
  5. Lambs of Abortion - "New American Century"
  6. We're Gonna Fight The Eskimos Next (Members of Mount Vicious, Vitamin Party and Bwuh) - "Don't Praise The Machine"
  7. Cartographer - "The Biggest Asshole In The World"
  8. Death Dream - "Karl Rove, Let's Get Dirty"
  9. Generalissimo - "Swarm"
  10. Cold Lake - "Courage and Consequence"
  11. Hurry Up Shotgun - "Car Bomb"
  12. The United Sons Of Toil - "Invention Vs Innovation"
  13. Victory And Associates - "Lies, and the Lying Liars that Sell Them"


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