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Accountability software, or Internet accountability software, is a type of Internet usage monitoring software.[1] To try to avoid pornography use, some individuals install accountability software,[2] and filtering software, on their own computers, smartphones, and tablets. Others install such software on their children's computers and devices.

"Internet accountability" is the willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions on the Internet.[3] Accountability software may monitor Internet use on a personal computer, or Internet use by a specific user on a computer.[1] These software applications then generate reports of Internet use viewable by a third party, sometimes called an accountability partner.[4]

Most accountability software costs money to use, but there are free options include Net Responsibility (for Mac OS and Linux) and the free version of X3watch (for Windows and Mac OS). A 2011 Swinburne University report discusses some commercial options for computers, including Safe Eyes and Covenant Eyes.[5] Smartphone and tablet users, if they do not want to pay for accountability software, may still be able to obtain no-cost filtering software.

In 2011, the Fine-Based Accountability system was introduced with which users could sign up with their credit cards to pay a fine for visiting a pornographic website.[6] This reduced the need to find an appropriate accountability partner and greatly increased the use of accountability software.[7]

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