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Crystal Tipps and Alistair was a British cartoon produced for the BBC. The titular characters were a girl and her dog who were joined by their friends Birdie and Butterfly. There were 50 five-minute episodes and a 20-minute Christmas special, all first shown between 1971 and 1974.[1] It was created by Hilary Hayton and Graham McCallum. Michael Grafton-Robinson, a BBC producer went independent setting up Q3 of London to produce the series.[1] The animation was done by Richard Taylor Cartoons, who were also contracted to make the Charley Says and the controversial Protect and Survive public information films for the Central Office of Information.

The series had no dialogue but rather was accompanied by a full musical soundtrack composed by Paul Reade.


  • Designed and Written by: Graham McCallum and Hilary Hayton
  • Music Composed by: Paul Reade
  • Animation Directed by: Richard Taylor
  • Animator: Maggie Clarke
  • Produced by: Michael Grafton-Robinson
  • A BBC TV/Q3 London Co-Production


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