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DCM may refer to:

Science and technology[edit]


  • Digital Communication Module
  • IATA airport code for Castres-Mazamet Airport
  • Demand chain management
  • Debt Capital Markets
  • Delhi Cloth Mills
  • Deputy Chief of Mission
  • Dilated cardiomyopathy
  • Distinguished Conduct Medal, British and Commonwealth medal for extreme bravery
  • NTT DoCoMo's stock symbol on the New York Stock Exchange
  • DoubleClick Campaign Manager is a Google product for large advertisers and agencies.[1] Formerly known as DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA).
  • Doll Capital Management, a Venture Capital firm in Menlo Park, CA, which funded SandForce and others
  • Dunbee-Combex-Marx Ltd, a former British toy manufacturer which purchased Lines Bros and Schuco Modell
  • Director of Civilian Marksmanship, responsible for the U.S. Civilian Marksmanship Program
  • Delta Construction and Manufacturing -DCM- is an Egyptian HVAC equipement manufacturer that produces Air Handling Units AHU, Fan Coil Units FCU, Water Chillers, Condensing Units, Cooling Towers. Delta Construction & Manufacturing -DCM-. DCM were established on 1995 and started in Egypt as a commercial agent for HVAC equipment till 2000. From the year 2000 it started the assembling of HVAC units in its plant in 10th of Ramadan City. DCM now have manufacture-lines for Air Handling Unit - AHU, Fan Coil Unit - FCU, Air Cooled Water Chillers, Condensing Units and Cooling Towers. DCM units cover a wide range of capacities that fits for nearly all HVAC applications requirements.