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Dale Allison Graham (born October 6, 1951[1]) is a former politician in New Brunswick, Canada. He served as an MLA from 1995 to 2014 and Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick from 2010 to 2014 and was a member of the provincial cabinet from 1999 to 2006.

Born in Woodstock, New Brunswick, the son of Robert Graham and Letha Delong,[1] Graham attended school in Centreville. He became a small business owner and was involved in local politics at the school board level. He married Shelley McDougall in 1972.[1] In the 1991 provincial election, Graham was defeated by Liberal incumbent Fred Harvey, however Harvey's victory was later declared void when Harvey was convicted of violating election spending laws. Graham was successful in a by-election in 1993 winning the Carleton North seat. Graham went on to be re-elected in the new electoral district of Carleton in the 1995, 1999, 2003 and 2006 elections.

Graham's 1993 victory was a key test of his Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick. His party had been defeated provincially in 1987 going from having led the government for 17 years to being shut out of the legislature. Though the party regained 3 seats in the 58 seat legislature in 1991, the upstart Confederation of Regions Party of New Brunswick (CoR) had won 8 seats and claimed official opposition. This victory was seen as a sign that CoR would not necessarily displace the Progressive Conservatives as the voice of conservatism in Anglophone New Brunswick.

In 1999, Graham's party was returned to government. Graham, who co-chaired the election campaign, was named deputy premier and Minister of Supply and Services. On July 21, 2005, Graham added the responsibilities of Minister of Environment & Local Government on an acting basis when his cabinet colleague Brenda Fowlie was forced to resign from the cabinet. He retained the portfolio until November 21, 2005.

In a cabinet shuffle on February 14, 2006, Graham was shuffled to the post of minister responsible for the Office of Human Resources and for Service New Brunswick. He retained his honorary post of deputy premier.

His party failed to win a plurality of seats in the 2006 election so Graham left cabinet and returned to opposition.

As a result of the former Dean of the legislature being defeated in the 2010 New Brunswick general election, Dale Graham is now the Dean of the New Brunswick Legislature.


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Provincial Government of Bernard Lord
Cabinet Posts (3)
Predecessor Office Successor
Rose-May Poirier Minister of Human Resources
Hédard Albert
Greg O'Donnell Minister of Supply and Services
Bev Harrison
Brenda Fowlie Minister of Environment and Local Government (acting)
Trevor Holder
Special Cabinet Responsibilities
Title Successor
Doug Tyler Deputy Premier of New Brunswick
Deputy Premier was not included in the next cabinet
Donald Arseneault
Percy Mockler Minister responsible for Service New Brunswick
Greg Byrne
new district MLA for Carleton
David Alward
Title last held by
Fred Harvey
MLA for Carleton North
district abolished