Dalkey Hill

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Dalkey Hill (Irish: Cnoc Dheilginse) is the northernmost of the two hills which form the southern boundary of Dublin Bay (the other being Killiney Hill). Dalkey Hill is 140 metres high and offers beautiful views over the surrounding areas : Dublin to the northwest; the Irish Sea and the mountains of Wales (on a clear day) to the east and southeast; and Bray Head and the Wicklow Mountains to the south.

Dalkey Hill and Killiney Hill are both part of Killiney Hill Park, a small public park overlooking the villages of Dalkey to the north and Killiney to the west. The park is crossed by various walking tracks, and with its spectacular views from all directions, is a popular destination for walkers and hikers from the surrounding areas.

Extensive quarrying of Dalkey Hill in the 19th century has resulted in the existence of Dalkey Quarry, which is now a popular rock-climbing location of national importance.

Coordinates: 53°16′N 6°06′W / 53.267°N 6.100°W / 53.267; -6.100