Danlí, El Paraíso

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Danlí is located in Honduras
Coordinates: 14°3′0″N 86°35′0″W / 14.05000°N 86.58333°W / 14.05000; -86.58333Coordinates: 14°3′0″N 86°35′0″W / 14.05000°N 86.58333°W / 14.05000; -86.58333
Country  Honduras
Departament El Paraíso
Elevation 814 m (2,671 ft)

Danlí is a municipality located approximately 92 kilometers southeast of Tegucigalpa, the capital.

Danlí is in the Honduran department of El Paraíso known for its production of cigars and corn (maize). The city is at an altitude of 814 meters (2,673 feet) above sea level. Because of its altitude, the climate is relatively cool even though it is located in the tropics.

The official flower is the napoleón, a type of bougainvillea.

The official tree is the jiñicuado (bursera simaruba) which is considered to be so easy to grow that a stake driven into the ground will take root.

The official mammal is the howler monkey, an endangered species that inhabits the broad-leaf forests of the Apagüíz and Apapuerta mountains. The region also has pine forests. In general, pine forests are on the north-facing slopes while the broad-leaf forests are on south-facing slopes.

Other fauna of the undeveloped areas around Danlí include deer, several species of birds, including the oropendula, parrot, and mynah. Residents of rural areas near Danlí have reported jaguar and quetzal sightings

A well-known landmark near the city is the mountain of Apagüíz, which has a prominent stone outcropping near the summit and is visible from the southern parts of Danlí.