Dark room (sexuality)

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This article is about subsections of nightclubs. For room used for photography, see darkroom.

A darkroom or dark room is a darkened room, sometimes located in a nightclub, gay bathhouse or sex club, where sexual activity can take place. When located in bars, dark rooms are also known as backrooms or blackrooms.

Dark rooms in bars[edit]

Dark rooms were common features of North American gay bars and clubs in the 1960s and 1970s, and can still be found in some bars.

Dark rooms are still a feature of some gay bars and clubs throughout Europe.

Dark rooms in sex clubs and bathhouses[edit]

Dark rooms may be advertised as an amenity or attraction of sex clubs and bathhouses.

A sex club's dark room may be as simple as a small darkened area large enough for two or three people, or may comprise a large portion of the club's floor area, with mazes, glory holes, private nooks, steel bars resembling prison cells, and varying floor levels.

Technology of a Dark room[edit]

Some dark rooms incorporate black, blue, or red lights.