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David Bay Chalmers Jr. (born 8 September 1953)[1] was an owner of the oil refining company, Bayoil U.S.A. Inc, which operates out of Houston, Texas and a subsidiary, Bayoil Supply and Trading Ltd. in the Bahamas. The company was heavily involved in oil trading throughout the 1990s and early 2000s with the Iraqi government. In the 2004 Oil-for-Food Program Hearings, Bayoil was among the corporations investigated by the committee,[2] and its executive David Chalmers was convicted of conspiracy to commit wire fraud.[3][dead link]

Chalmers' great-uncle, Charles Ulrick Bay (1888–1955),[4] founded Bay Petroleum[5] in 1937,[6] later become a high-ranking intelligence official in the Office of Strategic Services, and later an ambassador to Norway.[1] Chalmers' father, David Bay Chalmers Sr., became a well-known oil trader through the creation of Coral Petroleum (which filed for bankruptcy protection in 1983).[1]


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