Dead Cert

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For the 1974 film, see Dead Cert (1974 film). For the 2010 film, see Dead Cert (2010 film).
Dead Cert
First edition cover
Author Dick Francis
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Mystery
Publisher Michael Joseph Ltd
Publication date
ISBN 0-330-24621-6
OCLC 35135934

Dead Cert is Dick Francis' first novel, published in 1962. Featured in the 2007 book 100 Must-Read Crime Novels.[1] It was filmed by Tony Richardson in 1974.

The title is a shortened form of "It's a dead certainty," in this case a play on words referring to the fact that the steeplechase horse Admiral should have won, but his jockey died.


Admiral should have won his race at Maidenhead, but an unexpected fall and death of top jockey Bill Davidson gave jockey Alan York and his mount the win instead. But Alan recognized sabotage when he saw it, and was not about to let a murderous act go unpunished, even if it meant risking his own life to bring his friend's killers to justice.


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