Dembel City Center

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Dembel City Center
Dembel City Center.jpg
Location Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Developer Yemiru Nega[1]
No. of stores and services 105
No. of floors 12
Parking 672

Dembel City Center, also known as Dembel Mall is the second largest shopping center in Addis Ababa.[citation needed] Located in the center of the city less than 3 miles from Bole International Airport, Dembel City Center was one of the first western-style shopping malls to open in Ethiopia.[2] It is a twelve floor structure built in 2007 with 123 spaces designated for use as shops and other business offices. It currently has about 105 shops, restaurants, galleries and other stores open for business.[3]

Dembel City Center is part of a modern development of the city center along Bole Road, also known as Airport Road or Africa Avenue. Bole Road like many of the streets in Addis Ababa is experiencing a large construction boom spurred by the growing Ethiopian Economy.[2] However, recent construction to revamp this major avenue has created havoc for the many shopping centers, Dembel City Center being one of them. Some businesses in the mall have been forced to close up shop and move to new locations.[4]


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Coordinates: 9°00′17″N 38°46′01″E / 9.0047°N 38.7669°E / 9.0047; 38.7669